Save hundreds of research hours on crypto taxes worldwide.

A reliable database on the existing crypto tax overview and tax authorities guidance of 30 countries. We only look at trustworthy and official sources and put it in a handy table to help you DYOR.

What's included

👍 Crypto Tax Overview of 30 countries
👍 Existing Crypto Tax Authorities Official Guidance
👍 Crypto Tax Authorities Official Sources Links
👍 Tax overview of income related to Crypto
(e.g: on trading, mining or ICOs, etc)

Why I created CoinTaxList

Hey there! I worked for 7+ years as a Tax Consultant in a Big4 consulting firm helping multinational companies structuring their investments internationally. Plus, I've been an enthusiast and dealing with crypto since 2017.

I got asked a lot of questions related to crypto taxes and I observed a growing number of traders, hodlers or miners willing to relocate to countries with favorable crypto tax regulation or tax exemptions.

I built this database for people to have easy access to RELIABLE crypto tax info, already resumed and digested. About 90% of the info out there is confusing and takes a lot of time to analyse and to understand. On the other hand, hiring a CPA or Consulting Firm for a similar job would mean 1000+ of dollars in fees, billing hours and expert opinions.

So I made an accessible product to save you time and money.

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Find the most crypto-friendly country for your particular case and investments.

Save money on Tax Consultants' hefty fees and hard to read comparative law analysis on crypto taxes.

Easy-to-use table of tax overview
& tax authorities guidance

Do your own research quickly with official & trustworthy sources.

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This database will help anyone have a clear understanding of how different countries are looking and taxing cryptocurrencies.

Crypto tax regulation varies tremendously from country to country. This database gives you a tax overview between 30 countries in an easy-to-use way.

You could ask a CPA or Tax Consultant for a comparative law analysis on crypto taxes, but it would be really expensive. This database allows you to do the groundwork and save hundreds of dollars in hefty fees and billing hours.

Filter through this reliable resource to learn more on your own country's crypto tax perspective.

Use this database to compare which countries are more crypto-friendly for your particular case e.g: coin hodler, trader, miner, issuer, etc.

Make an informed decision on where to live if you have or deal with cryptocurrencies.

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