Save hundreds of research hours on crypto taxes worldwide.

We are building a reliable database on the existing crypto tax overview and tax authorities guidance of 30+ countries.
We look at trustworthy and official sources and put it in a handy table to help you DYOR.

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What's included

👍 Crypto Tax Overview of 30+ countries
👍 Existing Crypto Tax Authorities Official Guidance
👍 Crypto Tax Authorities Official Sources Links
👍 Tax overview of income related to Crypto
(e.g: on trading, mining or ICOs, etc)


This database will help anyone have a clear understanding of how different countries are looking and taxing cryptocurrencies.

Crypto tax regulation varies tremendously from country to country. This database gives you a tax overview between 30+ countries in an easy-to-use way.

Filter through this reliable resource to learn more on your own country's crypto tax perspective.

Use this database to compare which countries are more crypto-friendly for your particular case e.g: coin hodler, trader, miner, issuer, etc.

Make an informed decision on where to live if you have or deal with cryptocurrencies.

FYI: We're still building this database.
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